Online Organic Shopping with Flower Dragon Organics


We are passionate about not only recycling, but also ensuring we keep energy moving. One of the best ways is to allow you to take advantage of big savings on self-growth items that we don’t personally use anymore, but will likely be valuable to someone else.

They are all in good condition (some even new as we were no longer drawn to that work), and any defects are clearly outlined for complete transparency.

We are offering ‘Pay What You Want’ pricing on all items in this category. Consider it as though you are just giving us a donation for packing the item!

If you can only afford to pay a small amount (or even nothing), we invite you to still order what you need from this category for your personal benefit or for someone else.

Postage will be added to your item at checkout as we unfortunately don’t have the resources to cover these costs as well. We know you will understand this.

Take a look and see if anything catches your eye and we hope it helps you grow!