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About us.

It took us 5 years to get from idea to launch, so hopefully that speaks volumes about how passionate we are about our organic and lifestyle store!

You don’t just want to buy from someone who started a store on a whim: we’re fairly sure you’d rather buy from people who walk their talk and know their stuff.

We are those people.

We have chosen to shop, eat and clean organically and chemical-free AND have been exploring ourselves energetically and spiritually for over 20 years.

We have built, and continue to build, a higher vibrational lifestyle with the very same products we sell in our store and offer to you now.

That means that either one, or both, of us has personally tested and tried everything you see on our site. Ask us what we think about anything we sell and we will happily answer every question you might have.

We know from experience that other online stores definitely don’t offer this service.

Through our experience, we know the pitfalls AND the benefits of choosing to live a more ethical, conscious life – and we can help you avoid the pitfalls and just enjoy the benefits!

We do this by offering you our experience and expertise when it comes to making more conscious and ethical choices. ‘Not everything is as it seems’ is one of our personal mantras, and we strive to help our customers avoid the false claims and offerings that many brands, websites and businesses make, in order to take advantage of those doing their best to shop more consciously.

We live our daily lives striving to live in our true integrity, and we bring that to our store as well.

So, who are 'we'?

About Us - Flower Dragon Organics

‘We’ are a micro-mini home business comprised of daughter (Clare) and mother (Rose). Yes, we are small, working from home, no big warehouses, no pretense and VERY proud of these points of difference.

We see our tiny size as our main advantage, and therefore YOUR main reason for buying from us.

It means we care more about your business: you aren’t just another customer to us, lost in a huge collection of online accounts. 

When you spend money with us, you get quality, hand-chosen products that help you nourish your lifestyle, and in return, this helps us keep our lives going too. You can therefore be assured we will work harder to keep you happy so we can all be happy! 

We truly believe that a win-win scenario is possible in all areas of our lives and indeed can be the way we all recreate our world.

Our size is what has also allowed us to be able to test every product personally before we add it to our store. This is one of our store’s core values – we only sell what we have used and love.

Everything we offer here online is worthy of a place in our home and cupboards, and that is no mean feat: as we said, we have lived this way for over 20 years and you wouldn’t believe how many ‘natural’ deodorants we threw out due to nasty rashes under our poor armpits and how many self growth CDs, books and DVDs were ‘rehomed’ as we found them useless and full of empty promises!

So our being small means we can pick and choose our offerings so you only get the best.

We only offer you the best products we find, when we find them and test them. We don’t do deals with brands or wholesalers leaving us obligated to keep selling their product. If a product formulation changes or we aren’t happy with that company’s values anymore, we’ll get rid of it from our store.

Finally, our being small also means we are ‘real’ people on the other end who care about you being happy with your purchase.

You can be assured when ordering from us that we will do what we can to ensure you are satisfied. We even offer you our direct phone number (02 6644 9869) so you can speak to us and be comfortable knowing you are dealing with real, accessible people who care.

Welcome to our website and we hope you will entrust your order to us and recommend us to your friends afterwards, too!

Feel free to get in touch with us via email for anything here (yes, we actually DO reply to our emails!). And please do subscribe to our mailing list here as we send out special discounts and offers, health and wellbeing articles, recipe ideas, and new product lists to help you build a more ethical lifestyle.