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Flower Essence Energy Consultation (Remote)

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Brand: Baliena Flower Therapies (Clare Vanessa)


For the past 15 years, I had been offering a more formal style of clinical consultations. However due to my now different personal circumstances, I instead offer an entirely email-based style of consultation.

Using the information you supply at the time of booking, I offer a personalised email treatment plan which includes intuitive guidance about the flower essences I select for you. My process draws upon both my extensive flower essence education and professional experience, as well as my own intuition and inner wisdom gained through my own 25 year personal growth journey. To assist me in choosing your flower essence(s), I also use flower essence and oracle card decks that assist me in interpreting the energies of the flowers chosen for your situation or purpose.

If you are located within Australia, I will then prepare and post you a bottle of the chosen flower essence(s). If you live in the Grafton or South Grafton areas of Northern NSW, I will likely personally deliver the bottle to you instead of posting it.

I look forward to helping you in whatever way you need – it could be receiving energetic support for making a decision; or perhaps seeking extra information to learn what area of your life is keeping you stuck; or even looking for some advice on how best to start clearing your ancestral ‘baggage’. Whatever it is, I hope to help you when you need it!


Hi, I am Clare and I am a practical, intuitive and highly experienced Flower Essence Practitioner. Until mid-2017, I worked for Australian Bush Flower Essences® as their International Correspondence Course Tutor, Teacher Trainer/Coordinator for College Course Teachers worldwide (along with being a College Course Teacher myself) as well as managing their official Facebook page. During those 9 years, I worked one-on-one with ABFE Founder, Ian White, thereby learning about flower essences in-depth (and building upon my formal flower essence education which started back in 2005). Since 2018, due to a big change in personal circumstances, I changed the way I was working – continuing to offer flower essence consultations and mentoring, but instead doing so entirely via email.

One of my particular skills is being able to intuitively ‘read’ the energies of the flowers, in addition to knowing their clinically proven or anecdotal practical applications. This enables me to offer you whatever advice I can to help you release ‘stuck’ emotions; create movement in your life; and make whatever changes are needed in order to overcome any undesirable situation you are facing and need help with.

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