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Stationery, Cards & Wrap

We genuinely believe eco values and ethical standards need to guide ALL areas of our lives – and that includes office stationery, wrapping paper, gift cards, and ribbon.

When it comes to running a home office (which many of us need to do these days), we need to be sure our choices are the best available to preserve our precious planet’s resources and minimise waste.

And while we all love to make our gift-giving beautiful, cards and wrapping paper certainly aren’t a necessity. If we don’t choose wisely they end up being responsible for SO much environmental destruction, depletion of resources, slavery, etc.

So to remedy this, we offer you (and continue collating as we find) sustainable but still beautiful stationery and gift-giving choices so you can celebrate AND do business without costing the earth. You’ll get what you need AND you’ll support the very businesses who aim to make a difference in these often-polluting areas of our lives.

All greeting cards we sell are made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper waste (i.e. the stuff from our domestic bin services) and come with a matching unbleached envelope. Beware of just buying ‘100% recycled’ since that can often mean the paper is recycled from old-growth wood chip, rather than from waste collected during kerbside pick-up.

Plus be sure to also check out our earth-friendly, natural and durable Eco Twine to complement your gift-giving, as well as our range of beautiful recycled gift-wrapping paper.