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The Empathy Trap - Dr Jane McGregor & Tim McGregor (Book)

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A must-have book for every home library.
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The Empathy Trap - Dr Jane McGregor and Tim McGregor (paperback)

A critical book EVERYONE needs to read!

If you're in a relationship where you're always in the wrong, and emotional chaos is the norm, the chances are you're with a sociopath - someone without a conscience, whose personality shows extreme antisocial tendencies. Sociopaths prey on those with high levels of empathy in order to get their own way, but they lack any concern for others' feelings.

They show no remorse for their actions, and don't care if they hurt, bully or maim others, leaving their victims anxious, traumatised, and doubting their own sanity. Drawing on real life cases and the latest international studies, The Empathy Trap: Understanding Antisocial Personalities alerts you to the ruses and lies of sociopaths and looks at how you can protect yourself against these arch-manipulators.

Topics include:

  • defining sociopathy
  • related conditions, such as psychopathy, narcissism and other personality disorders
  • how sociopaths operate and why they're often difficult to spot
  • identifying sociopathic behaviour
  • the sociopath's relations with other people
  • why sociopaths often go unpunished
  • coping with the aftermath of a destructive relationship
  • establishing boundaries and regaining control of your life
  • practical advice for keeping sociopaths at bay
  • resources and further help
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