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If You Care Sponge Cloths - Pack 5

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A versatile cleaning cloth for the whole house!
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Reduce household waste by replacing paper towels with these If You Care Sponge Cloths - just one of these highly absorbent, reusable and very effective cleaning cloths replaces 15 rolls of paper towel! Additionally they are easily cleaned and machine-washable in temperatures up to 88°C up to 300 times because they are made from a blend of natural cellulose and non-GMO unbleached pure cotton.

Ideal for cleaning kitchen, bathroom, countertops, etc., they absorb up to 20 times their weight in water, are tear and abrasion resistant, clean streak-free and are extremely durable.

And best of all, not only are they made from renewable resources, but once you are finished with them (and have used them in the garage or outside as old cloths), they are fully compostable in your green waste bin.

  • Perfect for cleaning kitchens, countertops, bathrooms, and all surfaces
  • 70% Cellulose and 30% unbleached non-GMO cotton
  • 100% renewable resources
  • Packaging 100% compostable PLA-biopolymer derived from corn starch
  • Packaging compostable in commercial composting facilities
  • Packaging certified compostable by the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI)
  • No petroleum products
  • Reusable many times and reduces waste
  • 1 cloth replaces up to 15 rolls of paper towels
  • Machine washable up to 300 times
  • No animal testing
  • No animal ingredients
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    If You Care is the name to look for in choosing from a wide range of environmentally friendly kitchen and home products that you will use every day. Superior quality green-based products like kitchen bags, foil and baking rolls, baking cups and more. If You Care believes in preserving the earth’s precious and vulnerable environment by making it easy to go green.

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