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Emotional Freedom Practices - Judith Orloff, M.D. (2 CD)

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Learn how to transform difficult emotions into positive energy.
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This two-CD tool kit, Emotional Freedom Practices, contains insights from Dr. Judith Orloff about how to turn away from negativity, react constructively, and seize command of any life situation.

Emotional Freedom Practices is a program in self-mastery that will help anyone attain a high quality life, handle stress artfully, and find serenity--even in the most overwhelming situations.

In this CD set, she explores:

  • The psychological, biological, energetic, and spiritual components of transforming any emotion
  • Self-quizzes to help you feel - and honour - the full range of your emotions
  • How to savour the ecstasy of calm, a practice for relieving anxiety and worry
  • Two spiritual strategies to banish jealousy and honour your self esteem
  • How to use fear as a springboard to a higher level of consciousness
  • Meditations to transmute the energy of frustration into patience and anger into compassion.

We highly recommend Judith Orloff's work as an eye-opening walk through what is really going on energetically, when we experience what we deem to be 'normal' in our daily physicality!

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