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Discovering Your Inner Self - Dr David A. Phillips (Numerology)

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For anyone who has a passion and fascination for the power of numbers!
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Discovering the Inner Self is a classic and definitive text in numerology. It's a very practical easy to read book that provides you a simple system that allows you to understand the personality, challenges and strengths of an individual within a few moments of looking at their birth date.

Based on 4 years of study and research, Discovering the Inner Self is one of the most respected and definitive guides to numerology available. When first writing this book, Dr Phillips believed that numbers were becoming more important than words and that can certainly be said for the new millennium. Discovering the Inner Self enables you to understand the connection between your numerological patterns and your levels of abundance, health and the quality of your relationships. It is the perfect book for anyone with an interest or a fascination in the power of numbers.

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