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Isopogon: the flower of remembrance.

Isopogon: the flower of remembrance.

Isopogon: the flower of remembrance. Read more at:

Recently, we were fortunate to have this beautiful Australian native flowering abundantly on our property – inspiring the below video that highlights this unique floral gem at the different stages of its bloom.

As one of the flower remedies in the Australian Bush Flower Essences range, Isopogon anethifolius helps deal with the theme of memory issues.

That could mean helping with improved concentration while studying; helping with memory issues due to age or disability; or even helping to remember what we need to know on a deeper Soul level in order to gain the most from this incarnation.

This last area is what I want to explore a little more here, as it is not one of the more common uses for this flower essence (and yes I promise it will lead you down a rabbit hole of sorts!).

Remembering 'who' you really are.

Isopogon: the flower of remembrance. Read more at:

For anyone who has ever asked the question, ‘who am I?’, I am sure you have realised that the answer will always remain your ultimate mystery. Being part of the infinite and ever-expanding Universe and The Source of All-That-Is, we can be sure there is no quick and finite answer to ‘who’ or what ‘we’ actually are. Our part is just to accept this mystery!

Yet paradoxically, it is the most critical question we will ever ask of ourselves, and is a question we need to continually hold within our hearts as the inner map back to our ‘real’ selves. So its role is not to gain a logical answer, but instead to pose the perpetual question that leads to our gradual enlightenment.

I believe Isopogon can help us intensely while pondering this question. There has never been a more critical time than Now to delve more deeply into asking this question and then trusting the inner ‘knowing’ we receive on an ongoing basis which will gradually lead us where we need to go.

Making the same mistakes repeatedly.

Isopogon: the flower of remembrance. Read more at:

It is often said that there is no such thing as a ‘mistake’ – and I’d mostly agree, since we always have the potential to benefit from anything we do and thereby find better ways to proceed next time (of course, that is a very broad ‘mostly’!).

HOWEVER, if you keep doing the same things over and over again, expecting different results, then it’s likely time to look more closely at why that keeps happening and make some changes to stop you ‘spinning your wheels’ so to speak.

Since a difficulty of our incarnations is that we have to blindly navigate our way down an unknown path without a map – never knowing our destination – then how do we avoid making mistakes? 

I believe Isopogon can help us to somehow ‘know’ that a particular decision isn’t the best one for us: by helping us feel into the inner wisdom within the body’s cellular structure (and bypassing the mind in the process). Instead of constantly looking outwardly to others to affirm our life choices, this flower teaches us that the many facets we carry from other incarnations, and our Higher Selves, actually contain all the inner wisdom we will ever need. Isopogon helps us access all of that wisdom. I highly recommend meditating with the images or video of Isopogon in this post, or taking it as a flower essence, and patiently holding that intention of finding your own unique inner knowing.

If we do find ourselves doing the same thing over and over again in our physical lives (with perhaps some slightly different outward details that make us blind to it), then Isopogon can help us witness these similar patterns and kick-start the changes needed. For instance, we may find ourselves being attracted to relationships with the same kind of person over and over, ending in similar dissatisfying ways; or perhaps we might find ourselves drawn to the same kind of job constantly because it pays best, only to find ourselves repeatedly unfulfilled.

Whatever pattern you want to break out of, this is a good flower essence to help you out of that rut and onto your next life lesson.

Observing Isopogon and how it flowers.

Isopogon: the flower of remembrance. Read more at:

I believe we can benefit greatly from observing how Isopogon flowers – from the starting ‘bald’ round cone bud, right through to its expanded and extended ‘sun-like’ form (picture the sun as we draw it when young – with a round centre, and rays expanding outwards).

Observe the fresh new beginning before the flower has expanded where it is closed (representing the start of this incarnation), and then as it reaches its fully expanded state where it still keeps its core and top closed (our own private inner knowing and Higher wisdom) – yet still expands its centre outwardly showing there is always that private font of inner wisdom you alone can tap into, so you can extend yourself outwards and find your way.

Enjoy the video and I’d love to hear any comments or questions you have below!

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